Easter at Catalyst Church is a massive celebration of what we believe is the the single greatest event in all of history, the Resurrection of Jesus!  We believe that it was all for love that Jesus suffered and died on the cross.  We believe it was all for love that Jesus rose victoriously from the grave three days later. 
While we celebrate this truth every weekend, we pull out all the stops in every environment from the parking lot to Catalyst Kids; from the lobby to the worship service.  We believe Jesus is alive, active, and present in the world today and that He wants to do a great work in and through you.  We believe this so much that we want to invite you to join us for one of our Easter worship experiences. 

April 20 + 21

Sat. April 20 : 2, 4, & 6P
Sun. April 21 : 8, 9:40, 11:20A

Our Catalyst Kids enviornments will have
Catalyst Kids : Eternity War
Catalyst Kids Assemble!

We want you to be a part of what God is going to do during Easter at Catalyst!
Join the team by signing up to serve during Easter weekend.


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