LifeGroups exist for the purpose of becoming more like Jesus while developing meaningful relationships. We believe that we are better together when we are loving God, loving each other, and loving our world. Community is who we are, not just what we do.

LifeGroups consist of 6-12 people meeting together in homes, apartments, coffee shops, restaurants around our city, and online. These LifeGroups meet weekly or biweekly to grow closer in relationship with Jesus within the context of a smaller group. We have three 8-week sessions a year for our members to engage faithfully in.  

Our 8-week sessions for 2021 are:
January 21 - March 17
April 22 - June 16
September 26 - November 20

We encourage everyone to join a LifeGroup that fits their schedule and season of life. Since life change happens in community, we believe that joining a LifeGroup is an incredibly important Next Step for you to take. We are making it easier for you to find people you can connect, grow in faith, and impact your community with and that you can call family! 

To find a LifeGroup we encourage you to:Pray and seek the Lord.Click on the FIND A LIFEGROUP button below.Look through all the LifeGroups to find the right Group for you.Then, on the specific LifeGroup’s page you would like to join, click on Ask to join.

It’s really that simple!


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You know as much as anybody that it's important to be connected. That's one reason you're part of Catalyst Church.

We know it's hard to connect with others and build lasting friendships. We know that even defining community is tough because being in community is more than showing up for Bible study. It's also sharing food, laughing until it hurts, and doing what you love to do with your favorite people.

What if you could help more people find and enjoy that kind of laughing, caring, and growing community?

You can. Here’s how:

Lead a Lifegroup

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Lifegroups important?

We believe that every follower of Christ should be growing in their relationship with Jesus. We call that discipleship. We also believe that discipleship happens best when we are in relationships with other people so we can help each other along. Lifegroups are the place to build strong relationships and grow more like Jesus.


What is a Lifegroup?

A Lifegroup is 6-16 people that meet during a Session for 1½ -2 hours a week while working through a set Biblical curriculum.


How do I join a Lifegroup?

Use the Lifegroup Finder It will allow you to search by category/group type, day, time, location, and childcare availability. When you find a group you are interested in you can send the leader a message to ask questions, get additional information, and join the group. We would love to get you connected into a Lifegroup!


Where do Lifegroups meet?

Our Lifegroups meet off campus throughout our city and the surrounding areas. (Camp Lejeune, Jacksonville, Richlands, Sneads Ferry) Some meet in homes, restaurants, or coffee shops. When searching for a Lifegroup you can either search by zip code or by category. Sometimes the best group for you may not be the closest group to you. It’s a better idea to search by category, which lists the different types of groups we have available.


What type of groups does Catalyst Church have?

We have Lifegroups for men, women, singles, married, co-ed (married & singles), senior adults, and support groups. We also have Lifegroups for our middle and high school students which are grade and gender specific.


What is a Lifegroup session?

A session is a set amount of time that our Lifegroups meet. We believe that we all need a healthy Sabbath so we plan it in our Lifegroup system. We meet during the Fall, Winter, and Spring Session and then break for the Summer.



Support Groups

Support Groups are designed to help people dealing with a very personal and specific struggle. Our Support Groups have been carefully selected to bring real impact, support, and care to those who are experiencing struggles in this season of life. Our sessions run from September-December and February-May.  

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Short-term Groups

Short-term Groups are designed to help meet the needs across our church family. Our fall session runs from September-December and spring session from February-May.  

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